About Cosmos
Cosmos can improve the health and lives of people everywhere. Many can imagine the research possibilities with Cosmos, but Cosmos also enables clinicians to contextualize insights to patients like the one in front of them and facilitates an extended network of peers to collaborate with for rare diseases or medical mysteries.

Why Cosmos?

Longitudinal Records
Cosmos integrates both inpatient and outpatient charts into a single, comprehensive record — including as patients move between health systems. In addition to diagnoses and medications, it includes patient-generated data and specialty-specific data. For example, a cancer patient’s record contains detailed oncology visits, cancer staging, advanced lab results, and hospitalizations as well as standard outpatient visits.
Some numbers to put it in perspective:
259 Million
12.4 Billion
5.9 Billion
Face-to-Face Visits

Cosmos Is Representative

Cosmos goes well beyond diagnoses and medications found on claims transactions and includes patient-generated health data, birth records, vitals, and social drivers like transportation and financial security assessments.
Because the organizations that participate in Cosmos care for a diverse population of patients, Cosmos provides a representative sample of patients who seek healthcare.
Cosmos Is Fast
Cosmos is designed to answer clinical questions quickly. Once approved for Cosmos access, clinicians and other scholarly explorers at organizations using Cosmos can get answers on demand without needing to put a request in for data.

Cosmos Governance

To maintain a high standard of security and privacy and to ensure appropriate use of the data, Cosmos is governed by an elected council of 15 members from the Cosmos community. Each organization agrees to abide by the Cosmos Rules of the Road, and each user agrees to uphold the standards of Cosmos.

Rules of the Road

Health systems that participate in Cosmos agree to a legal structure that establishes shared trust. These rules govern the appropriate use of Cosmos and support several key commitments, such as:
  • Cosmos data cannot be sold, and line-level data never leaves the secure Cosmos portal.
  • Data cannot be used for advertising or market comparisons.
  • Violation can result in permanent loss of access.

Privacy & Security

Patient and organizational privacy and security are of the utmost importance in governance of Cosmos. Patient identifiers are removed before any data is moved from a healthcare organization. Data protection goes beyond current HIPAA requirements. No user can access Cosmos data without attesting to their use and disclosing funding sources. Users can access only fully deidentified data, and all actions in Cosmos are audited to ensure appropriate use.

Governing Council

The Council is made up of 15 members elected by their peers to represent the community and oversee the Cosmos Rules of the Road. Learn more about the current council members and their backgrounds on our Community page.

Access to Cosmos

As Cosmos is made possible by a community of health systems using Epic software agreeing to collaborate, direct access to Cosmos is available for those affiliated with and approved by a Cosmos participating organization. Access to Cosmos and Cosmos data cannot be purchased.
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